Pretty Little Liars Relationships In A Nutshell


Toby: Hey Spencer, so I joined the A Team behind your back “to protect you”, then broke your heart convincing you that I had betrayed you just so I could get in deeper and get absolutely nothing useful out of the experience, then let you believe I was dead and did absolutely nothing as you had a mental breakdown and were sent to a mental institution, then judged you hardcore when you took amphetamines because you wanted to protect your friends when you felt you had no support instead of stepping in and trying to help you, but I love you, babe, you’ll never be alone. 

Alison: Hey Emily, so I totally messed with your heart for years just because I was an insecure asshole, then I let you think I was dead for years which broke your heart and I did nothing about it, then I kept visiting you while I was ‘dead’ and had you wondering if you were crazy because you kept seeing me all because I ‘missed you’, then I told you I was alive so I could use you to help me find A because you were the only one of the girls that didn’t totally hate me after the shit I pulled, then I told you your feelings weren’t one-sided and then lied to your face and hoped you would never find out, but please don’t leave me, I need you.

Caleb: Hey Hanna, so I definitely left you because I found my soul mate in Ravenswood who just happened to be a ghost and I wouldn’t even tell you the truth when I broke up with you, then I came back because my soul mate/ghost girl disappeared (aka my show was cancelled), then I got angry because you were dating someone else who actually seemed like a decent guy, then I was an asshole to you even though I’m the one who broke up with you in the first place, but please keep coming back to me because your desperate pleas for my love boost my overinflated, newly goth ego.

Ezra: Hey Aria, so I only even met you because I was obsessed with your ‘dead’ best friend and I wanted to write a demented book about how screwed up she was, then I thought it would be a great idea to become a teacher at your school and date/stalk my underage student, then I decided it would be a great idea to date/sleep with/still stalk said underage student while simultaneously becoming more obsessed with you than I ever was with Alison, then you found out about me and told me to stay away but I kept stalking you anyway even though I had already begged for your forgiveness, then Alison came back and I figured it would be cool to keep pursuing you even though you had already told me we were over, but it’s all good girl, I’m not a pedophile, I promise. 

What even is this show?

rainy goes to bed, the riveting sequel 

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